All of these Soviet board games are taken from the early years of Communist Russia and were wildly popular in the region at the time. You can see the dominant themes of revolution and war running through the titles but you can see how Russia was expanding itself as a nation. The Russian made strategy games were designed to get children thinking, both about the future and about how to challenge it.

That is not a criticism of Russian game makers of the era either. If anything, they were decades ahead of their American and British counterparts, Allied board games like Risk and Battleship becoming firm favourites of Cold War children in the 1950s. The only truly odd title is the Chemical War one. This was popular throughout the 1920s with children who could have, or could have, lost fathers to mustard gas on the Eastern Front of World War One. Perhaps the idea from the new regime was to bring home the horrors Tsarist rule had brought to families throughout Russia.

The other thing to note is the changing design of the boxes as the year’s progress in to the 1930s. Gone goes the art deco style to be replaced by the officially sanctioned socialist realism art movement. There is a limited amount of information available about these Soviet board games and their rules but you can tell from the imagery that the push towards what would become the USSR was in full swing. 

 Coupled with these Soviet Design Fabrics it gives an intriguing look at one of the most interesting states of the Twentieth Century.

Unknown 1924 Soviet board game
Unknown 1925 Soviet board game
Sea War 1925
Air War 1925
Chemical War 1925
Reds vs Whites 1926
War of Tanks 1930
Pioneer’s Group 1930
Unknown 1930 Soviet board game
Modern War 1933
Battle 1938
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