The Marvelettes’ Please Mr. Postman & The Sound of the Sixties

In 1961 a group called The Marvels auditioned for Berry Gordy’s Tamla (Motown) label with a song called Please Mr. Postman. Though the song, and the group, would be reworked before being released it marked the start point of what would become one of Motown’s greatest hits. The finished song would reach number one in the US Billboard

Soviet Design Fabrics From the 1920s & 30s

The Soviet designs below come from an era of Russian history that was at a junction between its Tsarist past and Communist future. The Revolution had been fought and won and a new Russia was emerging. In the images you’ll see nods to classical Russian design, the use of lush colours and an influence of

Café de L’Enfer: The Hell Club of 19th Century Paris

Opening in late 19th century Paris, Le Café de L’Enfer, has to be one of the most bizarrely themed nightclubs of all time. Located on the famed Boulevard de Clichy the club looks to have operated for just over fifty years, though actual dates are very hard to come by. In fact, any information on the venue

Long Beach Earthquake of 1933

“So what’s the use of repentance, and what do you care for goodness, and what if you should die in a quake, so who the hell cares? So I walked downtown, so these were the high buildings, so let the earthquake come, let it bury me and my sins, so who the hell cares? No

Hunter Thompson and The Battle of Aspen

“This is the real point: that we are not really freaks at all – not in the literal sense – but the twisted realities of the world we are trying to live in have somehow combined to make us feel like freaks. We argue, we protest, we petition – but nothing changes.” – Hunter S.

Will the USA win a World Cup before England win another?

It is almost fifty years since England won their one and only international tournament. Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet trophy following a 4-2 win over West Germany on home soil, the nation’s only trophy in the English FA’s cabinet. That being said, the idea that their much mocked footballing cousins from over the Atlantic

James A. Fox’s Boxing Photographs

James A. Fox worked as editor-in-chief of the world-renowned Magnum agency, creating stunning images and working alongside some of photography’s great names. He also spent 30 years documenting the world of boxing, from the glamour of Madison Square Garden to boxing halls in Britain to locker rooms and gyms around the world. The result is my

The End of the Messi & Ronaldo debate?

One of the main narratives of this World Cup has been the, seemingly, eternal debate of who is the better footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. It has been framed as the ultimate showdown between the two greatest players of their generation. This time last year it seemed the question had been put to bed,

Plastic Amigo: An Irishman’s Look at Mexico at the World Cup

A good showing for Mexico at this World Cup would be to make the second round. Strange thing to say, given that Mexico are the current Olympic Gold Medalists and that they have qualified for the last sixteen in each of the last five World Cups, but it’s a realistic assessment of a team that

Is it time to stop drinking from the Lannister Kool-Aid?

Two Game of Thrones blogs in a week, when you get sucked in you get sucked in. This also just deals with the TV show over the books, with the focus shifting from the politics of the game of thrones being a smokescreen to the man many consider to be the master player of the game, Tywin


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